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Todo List

Member Bkmd(unsigned short port)
Really do something.

Member addSession(Session *session)
Why doesn't it work without this???

Member getChildren(Folder &parent)=0
Use iterators

This is not really a good approach because a Folder should be expected to have the children stored internally.

Member save(Node *node)=0
This isn't the best of all approaches. A node should be expected to automatically store its data back.

Member getBookmark(const string &path)
This implementation is very unsafe

Member getFolder(const string &path)
Error handling

This implementation is very unsafe

Member remove(Node *node, bool recurse=false)
Implement deleting from XBel database.

Member save(Node *node)
Implement saving changes back to the database.

Member resetDocument()
reset the data structures

Class Msg001
Remove from the final release as this is just a workaround.

Member execute(const string &data, msgHeader1 &header, Session *conn)
There is a race condition here.

Member execute(const string &data, msgHeader1 &header, Session *conn)
Allow more than one XBel item to be passed.

Class MsgXbel
Merge with the XBel reder for DbXML

Class MsgXbelParser
Merge with DBXMLSaxHandler

Member ~MsgXbelParser()
Delete all parsed elements.

Member isLocked(void)
Implement expiration of Lock-IDs

Member _add_date
Check if a Date class would be useful to represent this.

Member getDb()
check out why exactly we need to substract 8, not 9

Member response(int msgType, const string &data, msgHeader1 &header)
write the header and the data in one call because of efficiency.

Member send(msgHeader1 &header, const string &data)
Handle large packages

Member isPendingConnection(long timeout)
Rewrite for poll()?

Member isPending(unsigned long timeout)
Handle errors

Handle errors

Reimplement with poll()?

Member read(int size)
Handle errors

Member read()
Handle errors

Member write(string &data)
Handle errors

Member write(char *data, int size)
Handle errors

Member main(int argc, char **argv)
Read in command line options

Handle shutdown of the server

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