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Bkmd Class Reference

#include <Bkmd.hpp>

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Public Methods

 Bkmd ()
 Bkmd (unsigned short port)
 ~Bkmd ()
void listen (unsigned short port)
void poll ()
void addSession (Session *session)
void processMsg (string data, msgHeader1 &header, Session *conn)
DBgetDb ()

Detailed Description

The server class. Provides the listening socket and the session handling of the server.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Default constructor. Connects to the bookmark database and creates the internal data structure to handle the different message types.

Bkmd::Bkmd unsigned short    port

Constructor to open the server on the specified port.

Really do something.


Destructor. Disconnect from the database and clean up the message type data structure.

Member Function Documentation

void Bkmd::addSession Session   session

Add a new session.

DB * Bkmd::getDb  

Get the DB connection. This can be used by the message handlers if they need access to the database.

void Bkmd::listen unsigned short    port

Open a listening socket on the specified port.

void Bkmd::poll  

Check for new connections and accept them. Add a session for every new connection.

void Bkmd::processMsg string    data,
msgHeader1   header,
Session   conn

Process an incoming message. Calls the correct message handler for the message.

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