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Folder Class Reference

#include <Folder.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Folder::

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Public Methods

 Folder ()
 Folder (const string &id, const string &path, const string &title, const string &desc, const string &add_date)
 Folder (const Folder &n)
void addChild (Node *child)
NodegetChild (const string &title)
void removeChild (const Node *child)
vector< Node *> & getChildren ()
void empty ()

Detailed Description

Represents one folder.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Default constructor. Sets all properties to an empty string.

Folder::Folder const string &    id,
const string &    path,
const string &    title,
const string &    desc,
const string &    add_date

Constructor. Sets all properties to the given value.

Folder::Folder const Folder &    n

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void Folder::addChild Node   child

Add a child node to this folder.

void Folder::empty  

Remove all children.

This method doesn't free any memory.

Node * Folder::getChild const string &    title

Get the child node with the specified title.

vector< Node *> & Folder::getChildren  

Get all children of this folder.

Unsorted vector of pointer to Node.

void Folder::removeChild const Node   child

Remove the specified child from this folder.

This method doesn't free any memory.

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