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Node Class Reference

#include <Node.hpp>

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Public Methods

virtual ~Node ()
string getId ()
void setId (const string &db_id)
string getPath ()
void setPath (const string &path)
string getTitle ()
void setTitle (const string &title)
string getDesc ()
void setDesc (const string &desc)
string getAddDate ()
void setAddDate (const string &add_date)
bool isLocked (void)
void lock (void)
void unlock (void)
string getLockId (void)

Protected Attributes

string _db_id
string _title
string _description
string _add_date
string _path
string _lockid

Detailed Description

Abstract class to represent one node.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Node::~Node   [inline, virtual]

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

string Node::getAddDate  

Return the date this node was created.

string Node::getDesc  

Return the description.

string Node::getId  

Get the ID

string Node::getLockId void   

Get the Lock-ID used to identify this lock.

string Node::getPath  

Get the full node path.

string Node::getTitle  

Get the node title.

bool Node::isLocked void   

Check if the item is locked. This is the case then the Lock-ID is a non-empty string.

True if it is locked.

void Node::lock void   

Lock this item. A random Lock-ID is gerated.

void Node::setAddDate const string &    add_date

Set the date this node was created.

void Node::setDesc const string &    desc

Set the description.

void Node::setId const string &    db_id

Set the ID

void Node::setPath const string &    path

Set the full node path.

void Node::setTitle const string &    title

Set the title.

void Node::unlock void   

Unlock this item.

Member Data Documentation

string Node::_add_date [protected]

The date when this node was created.

Check if a Date class would be useful to represent this.

string Node::_db_id [protected]

This is a unique identifer within the databse. That's important for the class DB.

string Node::_description [protected]

Description of the node.

string Node::_lockid [protected]

Current Lock-ID. This is empty if the node is not locked but a random other value if it is.

string Node::_path [protected]

The full path of this item.

string Node::_title [protected]

The title of this node.

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