Bookmark Daemon (bkmd)


The target of this project is to develop a protocol and a server building on top of TCP/IP. I want to manage bookmarks over the network. The protocol will be based on XBel, an XML bookmark exchange language.

See the project site at SourceForge for details.

The project is open sourced and the code is licensed under the GPL.


Source documentation
Jan 20, 2002 - I have implemented the Doxygen source documentation system. You can now browse the source online.

class diagram v.2
Jan 16, 2002 - Finally someone else got interested in this project. So the motivation rose of course, that's why I have worked more on bkmd the last few days.
The source was very different from the class diagram and didn't make sense anymore. So I reworked it. It's still not the same as the code but the code will be corrected. Please comment on it.

UML class diagram
June 8, 2001 - Please have a look at the first draft of my class diagram for bkmd.

Protocol draft
June 5, 2001 - I just uploaded the protocol documentation here, so you can have a look, without the need to download the specification.

Project approved
June 4, 2001 - The project is now alive. You're welcome, if you want to help develop this application!